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For the longest time, you have been trying to shed off excess pounds. You have tried all those diets and fitness programs of all sorts. In fact, you have also bought those weight loss DVDs and e-books but to no avail, and achieved nothing but frustration.

If you have been frustrated trying to lose weight despite exercising regularly and sticking with your healthy eating plan, you may be one of those looking for alternative solutions, which will lead you to fat loss.

While searching around for ways that could work and help you lose weight more effectively, you may have bumped into the concept of “Cold vs. Hot Therapy” for weight loss.

Our patients have also asked us about the differences between the two, as they were searching for an ideal weight loss solution to give them results.  So, to enlighten each one interested knowing about hot and cold weight loss therapy, here it is for you.

Cold Treatment vs. Hot Treatment

Both therapies are claimed to be excellent in helping one get rid of stubborn fat. However we’ve found out that the truth is… both do not work the same way!

With regards to weight loss, heat belts and mainstream heat therapies do not destroy belly fat permanently.

Abdominal belts are widely marketed as a fat loss solution and have claimed to have positive effects on fat by providing electrical stimulation to the abdominal muscles so that they contract and then heat up.  

Makers of these belts claim to increase the temperature of the area, such as belly fat, leading to weight loss in the middle section of the body.  They also noted that such belts would give users well-defined abdominal muscles.

But studies have something to say on this.  

They revealed that even if the users would follow the guidelines of use as specified, these belts wouldn’t have any effect on the fat. In fact, even volunteers that had tested the devices did not experience fat loss even if they used them thrice a week (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2002).

Then, there are radiofrequency fat removal methods that also do not work and not intended for major fat loss.  So if you have more fats to lose, you might have to stick with better weight loss methods – not heat therapies. 

Plus, using heat technology is aimed at spot reduction among people who are not overweight but for those who have stubborn fat pockets not responding to traditional methods like exercise and diets.

There are also body wraps such as heat wraps, also called tummy belts and heated body wraps. They are claimed to burn fat help you shed pounds.

Many of them work by first applying a topical heat cream to your skin, which is later wrapped in a plastic film. Through perspiration induced by heat, the benefits are said to help you eliminate body fat. 

But, do such heat therapies work?

While many of these products, especially body wraps, may be able to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft, weight loss won’t happen because of the burning of fat. 

Instead, consumers will get water loss that will happen due to sweating. So while your skin will feel firm and tight after the session and might even make you believe that lead to weight reduction, the results you will get are temporary. It is because you will not lose fat but water. 

Heat therapies "may not" make you slim.

Heat Therapies such as Vanquish, or Lipo Laser can heat the skin and liquefy or melt the fat from the inside, resulting in the process called : Necrosis (Pre-maturing death of fat cells) The fat cells are then cleared naturally through lymphatic channels.”

Body wraps, abdominal belts or heat wrap might be able to give you a weight loss impression because of the skin’s firm appearance, the weight loss you’re noticing is due to dehydration and not fat loss.

Using this method, you might also just have water weight loss that will certainly have its rebound in two days. When that happens, your skin will go back to its original form.

Now, let us take a look at another possible solution to weight loss – cold therapy.

what about Cold therapies?

Well, there are different approach towards Cold Therapies.
One is Cryotherapy, where the patient’s body will be exposed to low temperatures of as low as -140 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes. At this stage, the skin’s temperature will drop to about 10 degrees Celsius while his or her core body temperature won’t be changed.

Also, during the session, your neck and head area won’t be covered by the Cryo chamber. It will be exposed to the room air just right above it.
Your body will be sprayed by a Nitrogen-Free Cryo air so that your skin will achieve a lower temperature.

Our trained medical specialist will assist you in the entire process. You can also leave the chamber whenever you wish to during the Cryotherapy treatment.

The 2nd technique to quickly destroy stubborn fat is Cryolipolysis. This technique is used by devices such as Coolsculpting® that’s developed by a Team of Harvard Scientists to permanently destroy stubborn fat cells under patented controlled cooling temperatures!

Cryotherapy is a promising fat burner method that you must try!

This fat loss removal method is what you will need for your weight loss goals.  What it does to your body is to increase your body’s metabolic rate due to your body’s natural response to environmental stress, such as extremely low temperatures.

When combined with healthy eating and exercise, Cryotherapy is the best way to losing weight faster than you would with any traditional methods.

During the session, your brown fat cells will be activated. They will respond by burning more calories so that your body can generate more heat to keep your body warm when exposed to low temperatures.

Brown fat cells are surrounded by mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells. They help in generating energy that your body will need to burn the calories and the fat. 

These fat cells will also burn the calories stored in white fat cells, which are passive in nature and just collect fat for storage. Over time, BAT (brown adipose tissue) will take over and convert white fat cells. When more brown fat cells are in your body, they can burn more calories. That said, you would achieve a slimmer body that you won’t be able to do so with traditional methods, such as diets and exercise. 

What happens after the Cryotherapy treatment?

Your brain will signal your body to deliver blood to your core so that your body heat will increase along with your basal metabolic rate. Apart from weight loss, your body will also receive other benefits. A few of these include:

  • Cell renewal
  • Immune boost
  • Natural pain relief

Overall, Cryotherapy will help your body heat back up again to assist you in losing weight faster.  Following the session, up to eight hours, you can burn up to 3300 kilojoules or about 800 calories by just being inside the Cryo chamber doing nothing. 

So it goes without saying that all you need is a 3-minute cardio to help you burn this much versus running for 45 minutes.  And only one session will help you burn at least 500 calories daily.

Which is better for weight loss?

Definitely, the clear winner on hot versus cold therapy is the latter. It forces your body to work harder to keep itself warm when exposed to the cold temperature versus hot therapies that only induce perspiration, eventually just making you lose water weight. 

Cold therapies like localized or whole body Cryotherapy activates brown fat cells, making them work harder in burning calories and helping the body generate enough heat when exposed to cold temperatures.

However, if you’re unsure which works the best for you…You can always drop by for a consultation and as well as a full body assessment to determine which is most appropriate for you!

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