How A NO-Nonsense 3 Mins Cryo Slimming Can Make You Slim Down Faster Than You Workout For 20 Years!

♂ admin | 6th July 2018

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Do you want to slim down but don’t have the time to work out?  Or maybe are you working out but do not notice any visible results in your body?  You have been exercising for a long time yet you’re not getting slimmer! It is a frustrating situation to know that your effort, money and time at the gym or running outdoors are not leading to weight loss.

In today’s article, let us take a look at some reasons working out regularly is not making you slim. Later, we will also discover a better way – taking only three minutes a day of session to lose fat more effectively.

In today’s article, let us take a look at some reasons working out regularly is not making you slim. Later, we will also discover a better way – taking only three minutes a day of session to lose fat more effectively.

The truth about exercise and weight loss

Exercise won’t make you slim. 

If you have a few pounds to lose, you have to cancel the gym membership. 
Studies had it that exercise does nothing to you when it comes to fat loss.

Science also has some bad news.  Recent research reveals that exercise has an impact on weight loss, but it is almost worthless when it comes to getting slim. So if you’re attending an aerobic class trying to fit your bikini on,   EXERCISE IS NOT THE ANSWER.

According to experts and Only Aesthetics, Singapore’s Largest Multi-Award Winning Aesthetics Group have showed that modest to no weight loss results have been noted with exercise alone.  Thus, only an exercise routine isn’t going to make you lose weight in the short-term versus what you could achieve in an effective  dietary change.

While most health professionals would be keen to downplay the fact that exercise does VERY LITTLE TO NOTHING when it comes to weight loss,  the truth about this has been surfacing with more research and studies concluded.

But there is no question that EXERCISE is good for our bodies. The only problem is that it is not the solution if you’re looking to slim down and achieve that gorgeous body.

And aside from the truth that exercise would hardly do anything to help you lose weight, both men and women also struggle to lose weight even with regular exercise due to some mistakes.

Doing too much cardio

Cardio workouts are essential to gain effective health results because they support metabolism,
keep your heart healthy and make you sweat. But then, if you’re going to focus on cardio only or you’re doing excessive cardio, you can lose your muscle mass.

Did you know that muscle mass is what you need to burn more calories because muscles use more energy?

The body also focuses more on endurance with too much cardio, making it store more energy as fat.  What happens here is that your body reserves fuel so that you can keep up with those miles? 

What’s worse is that you also increase your appetite. As you’re putting too much stress and pressure on your body, you don’t know that it back fires and makes you tend to overeat or snack more often than not.

Putting too much stress in your body

Another reason exercise is not leading to weight and fat loss is because it puts your body under too much stress. But if you can balance both stress and recovery time, you can lose excess fat and you can be healthy.

Otherwise, not having enough recovery time will lead to negative effects because your body is going to produce and release cortisol.

Too much of it is not a good thing. When the body is exposed to it for too long, it will start suffering from negative consequences. One of which is fat storage in unwanted body areas, including the belly and arm.

However, exercise is not the only stressor for the body that can spike the level of cortisol but also a stressful professional or personal life.

Your body might stop producing cortisol when you stop working out.

However, those stressors not related to workout will still be there and might be hard to turn off. To turn it around, you might always want to keep your emotional and mental health in check to achieve that total body wellness.

You cannot choose where to lose fat with exercise!

Regardless of what and how much you exercise, you cannot choose where to lose fat. If this is not the case, then everyone will find it easy to lose it and keep his or her weight off in unwanted body areas.

Exercise won’t let you select where to lose fat.  Also, it won’t do much in achieving a healthy weight especially if you’re not focusing on healthy eating habits. For example, people reaching for treats or snacks after exercise may even find it harder to lose weight because of the added calories they put into their bodies.

That’s why working out EVEN FOR 20 YEARS won’t give you the WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS you’re looking for.

“So if exercise won’t, what would?”

Now, you know that exercise is not going to help slim down unless you have the willpower and training of an Olympian. If you want to lose weight effectively, then your 20 years to spend on exercising isn’t what you need but a 3-min CRYOTHERAPY.

What is it? It’s the cold therapy where the patient gets into a CRYO room or chamber that exposes his or her body to cold temperatures between two and four minutes.   These chambers are controlled with cold air being produced by refrigeration and/or liquid nitrogen.

A little background of Cryotherapy

Briefly, Cryotherapy refers to the general or localized use of low temperatures in therapy. You have probably remembered your grandmother placing cold ice pack on your bruise or bump, so you might have experienced this type of therapy only in the traditional method.

Cryo chambers are now being used for the cold treatment, not ice baths or ice packs anymore.  Cryotherapy has started in Japan, (1970) being the natural therapy, which was intended for  relieving pain symptoms brought about by rheumatoid arthritis.

Scientists had noted that the cold temperature were able to help patients reduce inflammation and pain through reducing the external temperature of the skin. 

As a result, it has caused the spike of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. They are released due to the body’s exposure to cold temperature.

The reduction in pain is also associated with the release of the feel good hormones, endorphins.

Cryotherapy is more than just for the pain but also for fat loss

Cryotherapy is no longer just a trend because it has proven to be one of the most effective methods for fat loss.  With this therapy, you don’t need to shiver in the cold by exposing yourself to unbearable cold temperature that the body cannot withstand of and at dangerous levels. 

What will happen is that a patient will have to enter controlled and cold chambers having cold and dry air, which is produced by refrigeration and/liquid nitrogen.

What Cryotherapy has to do with weight loss?   It helps in activating brown fat cells and stimulating their functions. Briefly, they are the good fat, which is made up of more mitochondria that are the cells’ powerhouse. Brown fat cells are the ones that make can help our bodies make energy than white fat cells can.

Because of their unique structure, they are able to burn energy and make heat. This process can keep our bodies warm even when we’re exposed to the cold.  

With our bodies’ natural instinct to keep ourselves warm to maintain ideal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, brown fat cell work harder to burn more calories even those being stored in the white fat cells.   Over time, brown fat cells also take over and soon turn white fat cells into brown fat, making weight loss even more effective – and that is thanks to Cryotherapy!

Just 3 Minutes Is All You Need to Lose Weight versus 20 Years of Exercise!

Exercise is not what you need to lose weight because it does little to nothing when it comes to the results you’re looking for especially if you’re doing too much of cardio for instance.

What you need is Cryotherapy – that stimulates the function of brown fat cells and eventually converts white fat cells in to brown fat cells, leading to an increased fat burning in the body despite the number of calories you consume in one day – and that is even without exercise.

Stop wasting your time on exercise. Try Cryo Slimming at the ONLY Clinic. Call us for a free consultation today!

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