Here's Why It's Harder For You To Lose Weight When You Hit Your 30s - A Slimming Doctor Explain

♂ admin | 16th AUG 2018

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When you reach your 30s, you probably have your career and everything seems to be in order.  You might also have your disposable income and your collection of wardrobe. All the things look to be in order.   But then, you have one problem.  You are gaining weight and finding it hard losing it.  For a start, keep reading and learn why women over 30s are finding it hard to lose weight.

Reasons Women Over 30s Do Not Lose Weight Fast


Your metabolism slows down as you’re coming of age, one of the obvious signs of aging that no one can escape. Your metabolism slows down while you’re counting the candles on your birthday cake.

In fact, experts say that it slows down further by five percent each decade. With this rate, you will be gaining up to 12 lbs annually.

Metabolism can also affect your bodily functions, leading to the fluctuation of your hormones and energy, loss of muscle and replacement of muscle with fat – noticeable around your hips, middle section, and thighs.

[What is metabolism? It’s a bodily process wherein your body is converting the food you’re eating and drinking into energy and is a biochemical process in which the food and beverages combined with oxygen in order to release energy that our bodies need to function well. Factors affecting metabolism include sex, body composition, and size as well as age.]

Your metabolic rate determines the number of calories that your body is burning even when resting. It includes the number of calories when at a complete mental and physical rest.

The more calories you can burn if you have a higher metabolic rate, meaning fewer calories burned for someone with a lower basal metabolic rate. Each individual will have a different BMR based on lean body mass percentage, age, and gender.

People with lean muscle mass can burn more calories than those who do not.

Your schedule doesn't allow you to.

Women in their 30s meet every challenge that they could in the entire process of losing weight. For you, it could be due to time constraints – having a heavy workload and a tight schedule.  In addition, your family obligations might have also been getting in the way of working out or dieting.

You should identify your weight loss barriers so that you will know where and how to start in the process.  For example, is it a lack of time that’s keeping you from exercising?

By identifying the challenges, you will be able to prevent any setbacks to encounter later. You will find it easier to overcome if you identified the barriers on your way to losing weight.

Not being organized

Women in their 30s may be having a more established career and family life.   It is also the time when women find it hard to organize their lifestyle habits to lose weight and maintain it later. One of the best ways to turn things around and lose weight even in your 30s is to plan your meals. Once a week, you should be able to set a time to shop for healthy meals and snacks.

Fill your refrigerator only with good food. In addition, you should be able to schedule your workout sessions and show up in your training if you’re enrolled in a fitness program.

Falling for fad diets

Fad diets are not the way to lose weight healthily.  Healthy eating is a lifestyle, and it should last for a lifetime. 

Fad diets often revolve around the idea of skipping meals and not having enough nutrients from all the food groups. Remember that the solution is eating foods from food sources, including fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Also, avoid putting your body in the starvation mode because it will cause more harm than good.  At this state, your body will just find it harder to lose weight.

To prevent this problem, you should consider healthy eating and looking into your caloric intake.  You may want to have a food journal where to list down the foods and drinks you’re having and each of their amounts. Doing so, you will be able to monitor your progress and make any adjustments as needed.

Not being able to manage stress

It leads to the spike in your body’s cortisol levels, one of the main causes of weight gain for women over 30s who do not manage their stress well.

Being in your 30s is one of the most stressful stages in your life due to stress, job, babies and relationship issues, among other things that you have to attend to, and all of these are not letting you sleep at night.

Remember that life stress poses a metabolism challenge. It is one of the reasons women in their 30s are struggling to lose weight.  Your life’s challenges activate your body’s stress response, leading to fat storage. To turn this around, you should learn how to manage stress by getting support from your family and friends.

Overcome weight loss struggle in your 30s. Activate brown fat cells.

Brown fat is metabolically active and makes use of energy in your body to produce and control the body’s temperature.  Newborns and hibernating animals have plenty of brown fat but even adults have it.

Almost 25% of white fat cells make up a female’s healthy body weight, while 20% among males. But then, brown fat is less bulky, representing only up to 7.5% of body weight.

It is the good fat (brown fat) because of its unique structure, genes and function. For one, they are smaller than white fat cells are, meaning they take less surface area. 

They are also active because they have more mitochondria, which is our body’s energy producing mechanism. And when our bodies are exposed to the cold, they burn more energy and generate more heat so that we stay warm.

The more of these brown fat cells your body the more fat and energy your body will burn.  

You would want to have more BAT, or brown fat, in your body because it can burn more calories.  It may also help in converting the white fat cells into brown fat.  Over time, you won’t have plenty of fat storage anymore because there will be an increased level of brown fat in your body.

Cryotherapy Can Activate and Supercharge Brown Fat Cells

This cooling therapy can shock your body’s fat cells and systems and put them into work and burn mode using short-term cold exposure that Cryotherapy can generate.

What happens during the procedure is that it shocks the body without it having to shiver to coldness of ice water and swimming like a polar bear. Cryotherapy activates many functions in the body, including those of the endorphins and adrenaline glands.

When shocked, the body’s adrenaline will also activate its UCP1 that will stimulate the mitochondria so that it will burn more calories.

Cryotherapy can trigger bodily functions, leading to more production of mitochondria tissues. This process also cause the browning effect, which will burn and take over white fat cells, meaning Cryotherapy can convert the white fat cells into the metabolically active brown fat.

By converting white to brown fat cells, you are going to lose unwanted fat in your body because you will have a higher metabolism with an increased number of active brown fat cells!

Supercharging brown fat can help women lose weight effectively and safely

We can help you supercharge and activate brown fat through Cryotherapy! Our clinic has helped clients losing inches off their waistline and cellulite with our personalized approach in Cryotherapy.

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