why does it always seem to be impossible for "me" to lose weight?

Throughout our years of research, we’ve discovered that almost everyone who struggles with weight loss battles with hormonal imbalance.
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you have been tricked all these years into thinking that it's your fault!

being overweight was never a caloric issue, but a hormonal problem.

How often do you hear this?
“Eat Less Move More”. All the time right?

But we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that lowering our daily calorie intake and burning out more calories a day would help us lose weight and slim down.
Well, you’ll be shocked that this is NOT true. We’ve all been deceived into this big lie thinking that I’ll see results with perseverance!

If that worked, there wouldn’t have patients who’re suffering from weight problems.

you see...

the truth is "calories you consumed does not equals to the calories you lost!"

In fact the day you make attempts to decrease your daily caloric intake, your body consumed energy will be compromised.

Slowly but surely your metabolism will turn sluggish. “You’ll feel tired, and realised that lowering your daily calorie intake is not going to work. Your weight will eventually come back or even result to a bad rebound!

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so the question is... what is the exact cause of your weight problem?

"high insulin, high sugar blood levels"

is one of the main reason -doctors explain

Increased calories did not cause obesity so reducing calories didn’t cause weight loss. What is it that is not helping “you” to lose weight? Insulin.

What happens when we give high doses of insulin to patients?  Insulin makes you gain weight. The more insulin you take, the more weight you gain. 
It almost doesn’t matter how much you eat or how much you try to exercise.  The weight just keeps coming on.

Think about it this way.  Insulin is the hormonal signal to the body to increase weight – the Body Set Weight (BSW).  If insulin is increased, we increase our BSW.  In order to reach this new, higher weight, we will need to eat more or decrease total energy expenditure (TEE).  

So the insulin makes us fat.  In order to get fat, we will eat more or reduce TEE.  The behaviour of eating more is in response to the hormonal signal to get fat.

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But that's not all... in fact we've unravelled

other factors that are contributing to your weight problems!

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